Works in Progress

I thought I’d give everyone an update on what has been filling up my time lately! 



I’m redoing the outline for this novel about a paraplegic singer who convinces his brother to pretend to be him in order to get a record contract. I’ve written about 22,000 words, but I’m still working on bringing out Dylan’s character and getting to know him and what makes him tick. Our friends Annabelle and Lee have read portions of the rough draft and have been very encouraging, so I think it’s going to be really good once I get it finished. My plan is to get the outline reworked in January and then finish the first draft in February.












Homework and Homicide

This is the novel that I wrote for Nano. It is a cozy mystery featuring Olive, a paraplegic college student who is studying to be a journalist. Her passion and interest help her to find clues that every one else missed. I’m smoothing the rough draft out now. I want to submit the first chapter to my writer’s group the first weekend of January. I need to get the whole draft smoothed out and in good shape because I’m going to submit it for an Amazon contest. I figured this book is so different from what I usually do that I might as well see about getting it trad published with someone else. 


Out of Time

This is an idea I had for a serialized story set up like a TV show with individual episodes leading towards an overall arc. It features two main characters. One is a time traveler from the 1800s, Peter, and the other, Tom, is a modern guy who has gone along on adventures with him in the past. Now they are together again because Tom’s wife has gone missing and it looks like she was kidnapped and taken elsewhere in time. I have outlines for all the episodes of the first season, but I’ve done very little of the writing as of yet.











Parallel Loves

I still love this book, even though it is a very ambitious project and so far has been too difficult to do justice to. I’m thinking about reworking the story into a serialized one like Out of Time because that would give me more space to spread out the story. It requires a lot of world building and I need more space and time to do that than a novel format is currently allowing.











I also have plans to expand some of my short stories into novellas. There have been requests for expansions of The Happiness Pact, On Saturday Afternoon, Guru’s Grace, and Home Country.

I feel bad that I don’t have more things for you! I keep wanting to be able to send out an email to the email subscribers to let you all know that a brand new story is ready. But it takes a while to get a brand new story ready and I want them to be as perfect as they can be. So I must have patience.

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